Julius Putra Tanu Setiaji


Hi, I am Julius! Currently a Computer Science undergraduate student at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore on a 4-year Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science), Honours programme. I am also part of the NUS Hackers coreteam.

I really love hacking things and building systems. I also enjoy Aerospace Engineering, Music Theory and History (which is reflected in my favourite games: Kerbal Space Program and Europa Universalis IV).

Here is my resume. You can find what I have done on my GitHub. I am contactable through my email, julius [at] indocomsoft.com.

I have been in love with computer science since Primary 5, when I attended an exhibition and saw programmes written by students. I asked my dad about it, and I was quite intrigued by the idea of a programme to create programmes. He pointed me in the right direction, provided me with a Visual Basic CD, Turbo C++ and Turbo Pascal floppy disks, and, as they say, the rest is history1.

Upon finishing Year 9 in Indonesia, I got a scholarship to Singapore. My adaptation as well as the nature of the rigorous education system in Singapore compelled me to re-focus on my academics and there was a long hiatus in my computer science activities. I finally resumed them in JC (Junior College), where I built a Wi-Fi extender and per-device speed limit bypasser, using several Wi-Fi routers and powerline adaptors. I also joined Singapore's 19th National Olympiad in Informatics, clinching a Bronze Medal which was unexpected as I had had no formal competitive programming training, had to practise my rusty C programming and learn C++ 2.

I am currently making a To-Do list application called MyToDo during my Year 1 Winter Break, using Ruby on Rails back-end. You can find the working online example here and the source code here.

  1. Interestingly enough, my first 2 computer languages are C and Visual Basic, because my primary school library only has books on those 2 languages.

  2. I learnt a very old dialect of C, even older than ANSI C, mostly on CASIO PB-2000C, a calculator programmable in C gifted by my dad, so I had a lot to catch up.